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Some schools don’t allow teachers to “celebrate” Easter unless the activities have educational or instructional merit. I’m here to share a few of my favorite academically inspired Easter egg activities with you. Your students will be learning, having fun, and celebrating the joy of Easter with these educational Easter egg activities.
1. Letter Matching
Extension: Have students practice writing each uppercase and lowercase letter on handwriting paper or in their journals as they match each egg.
2. Sight Word Match
Extension: Have students use each sight word in a complete sentence.
3. Compound Words
Extension: Have students write complete sentences in their journals using the compound words.
4. Word Families
Write a word part on the top of each egg. On the bottom of the egg, write 4-5 letters that can be used to build words in that particular word family. For example: Mack, rack, back, and sack can all be made on the green egg by simply spinning the bottom portion of the egg.
Extension: After students have matched all of the word families, have them record their findings in their journal. Then students can brainstorm additional words to add to each word family list.  
5. Make 10
Note: To make this activity more challenging, use only one color egg.  
6. Equivalent Sums
Extension: Have students create another addition sentence with an equivalent sum for each egg. For example, after they match 7 + 5 and 3 + 9, the student will write both number sentences in his or her math journal. Then the student must come up with another pair of addends that equal 12, such as 6 + 6.
7. Number Match
Note: You can use separate eggs for the different components (number, number word, dots, and tally marks), or you can write all four components on one egg.  
8. Fact Families
Extension: Have students write the other two remaining facts to complete each fact family.  
Hope your students have fun with these FUN & educational Easter activities! Check out more Easter & spring activities and printables from TheHappyTeacher.  
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