7 Early October Milestone


It’s hard to believe October is already here! Our October milestone achievers keep coming just like the seasons — so let’s welcome Fall and congratulate these TpT Teacher-Authors who have hit the mark with profits from their TpT stores.

$75,000 October Milestone Achievers

Brooke Hilderbrand: Early October Milestone Achievers

1. Brooke Hilderbrand from Indiana

Try her: Snip, Flip, and Fold 3-D Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension

Brooke Hilderbrand’s tip: “I love using 3-D Graphic Organizers to help my students extend their learning in an engaging and fun way! My Snip, Flip, and Folds are easily adaptable to any grade level, and they can be used to support thinking and learning in nearly all subject areas!”


The Moffatt Girls: Early October Milestone Achievers

2.  Annie Moffatt of The Moffatt Girls

Try her: Word Work (The BUNDLE)

The Moffatt Girls’ tip: “This is Word Work at its BEST! Word Work should be engaging, interactive and FUN, which is why I created this Word Work Bundle! When learning becomes a game, it doesn’t get much better than that!”


$20,000 October Milestone Achievers

Raki's Rad Resources: Early October Milestone Achievers

3.  Heidi Raki of Raki’s Rad Resources

Try her: Student Created Online Portfolios Made Easy

Raki’s Rad Resources’ tip: “My teaching tip is to begin planning student portfolios at the beginning of the year, rather than waiting until the end of the year and scrambling for what you want to include. My students create online portfolios and we begin talking about their portfolios on the first day of school. My recommended resource is the packet we use when we’re setting up our portfolios.”


Kelly Benefield: Early October Milestone Achievers

4.  Kelly Benefield from Alabama

Try her: Common Core Reading Graphic Organizer Bundle for Grades 3-5

Kelly Benefield’s tip: “Graphic organizers are a great way to help students think deeply about their reading. This packet of 180 graphic organizers is perfect because they can be used with any book or story. They are also aligned with the Common Core Standards. The added bonus is that they’re super cute, too.”


Primary Junction: Early October Milestone Achievers

5.  Kayla of Primary Junction

Try her: 2nd Grade Common Core Measurement Unit

Primary Junction’s tip: “This unit is completely aligned with the Common Core and includes everything needed to successfully teach 2nd Grade Measurement.  Lesson plans, assessments, centers, daily checks, parent handouts, and more are included!”


Jane Loretz: Early October Milestone Achievers

6.  Jane Loretz from Wisconsin

Try her: Fables (Reader’s Theatre, Lessons and Writing Activities) Common Core aligned

Jane Loretz’s tip: “Teaching is exhausting work, so stay positive, have high expectations, and enjoy watching your students grow and learn. This fables unit has 8 different reader’s theatre scripts and is loaded with activities that meet the common core. Reader’s theatre is a great way to build fluency. Students stay engaged reading with partners or in small groups.”


Mrs Santillana: Early October Milestone Achievers

7.  Mrs Santillana from Florida

Try her: Daily Math and Grammar Morning Work Third Grade – 15 Weeks!

Mrs Santillana’s tip: “I currently use this packet with my students as their daily morning work. It reviews all third grade Common Core math standards, plus grammar and cursive handwriting. The next 15 weeks will be coming out soon!”