Wahoo! Hats off to 7 more June milestone achievers — and hats on (sun hats, that is) because the strong rays of summer are nearly here (for some of us, at least)! Let’s raise a glass of lemonade to these hardworking, inspirational Teacher-Authors who have wonderful resources and tips to share.

 Hooray for 7 More June Milestone Achievers!

Aileen Miracle: Teachers Pay Teachers
1.  Say hello to Aileen Miracle from Ohio

Try her: Teaching Common Core through Music: First Grade

Her tip: “Whether you’re a classroom teacher looking for fun ways to teach Common Core or a music teacher looking to integrate Common Core into your lessons, this set has many engaging cross-curricular lessons, activities, mp3’s, and visuals, including a name game and a lesson for Goldilocks and the Three Bears!”


Crystal McGinnis: Teachers Pay Teachers
2.  Congrats to Missouri’s Crystal McGinnis

Try her: Alphabet Books From A to Z! 186 Pages of Alphabet Book Fun (all letters)

Her tip: “Beginning readers need to develop phonemic awareness and master the alphabet before they can become successful readers. I’ve created several products to help Kindergarten-aged students build a strong reading foundation. One of my newest products is called, ‘Alphabet Books From A To Z.’ This set of books gives students the opportunity to strengthen their letter sense and improve on alphabet recognition, alphabet formation, and letter sounds. These are fun for the students as they get to draw, highlight, trace, color, and more! This 26-book set could easily be incorporated into a ‘letter of the week’ routine. I created these books in a user-friendly format, so all you need to do is copy, staple, and cut — and your kids are set!”


Primarily Teaching: Teachers Pay Teachers

3.  It’s Michelle Shirley from Kentucky — She runs Primarily Teaching

Try her: Kindergarten Next Generation Science Motion Complete Unit

Her tip: “Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are here, but who has time to rewrite your science curriculum? Designed directly from the NGSS, these units include detailed lesson plans, word wall words, ‘I can’ statements, and hands-on activities! The Kindergarten set is complete, and grades 1-3 will follow — so be on the lookout this summer. Also included are free SmartBoard OR Activinspire versions to make teaching easy. Each lesson is designed to work with resources you already have as well as common classroom supplies.”


Emily Nutt: Teachers Pay Teachers

4.  Meet Emily Nutt from Texas

Try her: Brazil Booklet (A Country Study!)

Her tip: “I’d like to highlight my Brazil Booklet (A Country Study!) in honor of Brazil currently hosting the World Cup! I started creating my country booklets because I was having trouble finding geography products that were aimed for lower elementary grades. I believe these booklets provide a good overview of basic facts for younger children, and the coloring pages incorporate visual aids that many of the kids love! A lot of buyers have commented that the country booklets have worked very well for them when doing cultural studies and geography units at their schools.”


Angela Linzay: Teachers Pay Teachers

5.  A big hello to California’s Angela Linzay

Try her: The Best Writing Resource Pack: Word Lists, Word Books SUPER Writing Folder, & More!

Her tip: “I love teaching writing! I’ve done district trainings and have been a guest teacher at Azusa Pacific University on this subject. I’m very excited to feature my Write Stuff resource. It’s packed with all of my learning tricks that I’ve used over my 14 years of teaching, and I’ve really seen a difference in my students’ work as a result of these tricks. There are color-coded synonym word lists (shades of meaning, which satisfies the Common Core Standards) that I hang in my classroom as easy references for my students. I’ve also included folder labels and directions on how to create a writing folder that organizes all student writing. No longer do I have students losing their writing papers! This is the BEST writing folder I have ever used in my teaching career. Also included is an ongoing word list book (three different levels) that I create for each student to help with spelling those tricky words. I believe that one way for students to become more successful spellers is to give them access to multiple resources. Not only does this create more independent writers, but I’ve been amazed at the vocabulary my students are willing to use in their writing just because it’s made available to them! I feel this resource has truly helped my students become more ‘colorful’ writers.”


RaraDT: Teachers Pay Teachers
6.  It’s Danielle from New Jersey — she runs RaraDT

Try her: Show, Don’t Tell Posters! {Common Core Aligned}

Her tip: “The Show, Don’t Tell concept is an effective way to help your students improve the quality of their writing. However, getting young writers to paint a picture in their readers’ minds isn’t always an easy task. I created these Show, Don’t Tell Posters as a resource for my students to access during our narrative units. You’ll be sure to notice your students beginning to write like their favorite authors in no time!”


Tricia Lyday: Teachers Pay Teachers

7.  Meet Tricia Lyday from Texas

Try her: Classroom Jobs in BRIGHT Polka Dot & Chalkboard and EDITABLE Job Cards

Her tip: “You’re not the only one who should be maintaining your classroom. Get your students involved during the first week of school! All students regardless of age (my kindergarteners LOVE their jobs) and ability will take ownership of their weekly classroom job. The best way to ensure that all students are taking an active role in maintaining the classroom is to rotate jobs weekly. Of course, don’t forget to have a ‘substitute’ job card so a student can ‘sub’ for any student that is absent. This is always a popular job since this student will be able to do a variety of jobs throughout the week! Remember to demonstrate how each of the various jobs is correctly performed. Once you’ve shown them what each job looks like and sounds like, your students will be happy to become the class expert. If you need to add any additional jobs for your classroom, an editable file is included!”

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