This mix of six shows off a wide range of TpT Teacher-Authors. What do they have in common? Resulting from a special blend of hard work, creativity, and a dash of moxie, they’ve all reached their 20K TpT milestones this summer.

Congrats to each of them and please take a moment to check out their TpT stores.

$20K TpT Milestones

Clint from Ohio is the teacher behind 21st Century Math Projects. He says, “I believe that three key elements need to be in place for a strong math project or lesson to keep it real and fun: Real World Authenticity, Mathematical Rigor, and 21st Century Swagg. I try to write all of my projects to have a hearty balance of these three things, to engage a variety of learners and then take advantage of that engagement to ask them super challenging questions.”

Ashley Reed from Georgia says: “Teachers Pay Teachers and my Blog Just Reed! have inspired me to be a better teacher and to constantly strive to do my best in the classroom and beyond!”

Nicole Ricca from New York runs Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten. She has also surpassed the $20,000 profit milestone with her TpT store and says, “I enjoy creating lessons that are engaging and fun for students while making the Common Core simple and hassle-free for teachers. I love how TpT enables me to reach beyond the walls of my own classroom to benefit children and teachers around the world!” And isn’t that what it’s all about? Link to Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten in the comments.

From Florida comes Julie Shope. “TpT keeps me creative. It challenges me to try new things in my classroom that will stretch not only my students but also myself! My resources are created to save teachers time and stay organized, while finding engaging ways to teach students the Common Core State Standards. TpT is an amazing resource for teachers, and I’m so glad to be part of this community.”

Melissa Rodger from British Columbia, Canada is the creative force behind Pink Cat Studio. She says, “I love to create fun classroom décor and clip art that inspires students and teachers alike. To see my designs used in quality teaching resources on TpT is beyond rewarding. Thank you to all of the fabulous teachers!”

And finally, last but certainly not least:

John Hughes from Utah runs MrHughes and he has earned over $20K from his TpT store. He says, “TpT has given our family of 8 the little extra we need each month to be able to enjoy time as a family. It has also provided me with a creative outlet that allows me to share my ideas with teachers worldwide.”