thought bubbles that say: start a journal, take a quick breath, do something for your community, daily affirmations, and be kind to you

Practicing positive affirmations are a powerful way to support social-emotional learning with your students. This coping strategy is effective in helping individuals navigate through uncertainty, manage tough emotions, and persevere through challenges. When used on a regular basis, it can help build confidence, reduce stress, and promote a sense of happiness overall. The next time you or your students need a boost of confidence or assurance, give these solutions a try.

Coping Strategies to Support You and Your Students’ Social-Emotional Wellbeing

When you and your students could use a pick-me-up, try one of these strategies.

1. If your students are dealing with anxiety…

Try a quick breathing exercise for a calming effect.

2. If your students are feeling helpless…

Discuss the positive things they can do to make a difference in their community or in their lives.

3. If your students can’t identify their feelings…

Have students establish a journaling routine. Give them a daily prompt and ask them to write about how they feel. Some prompts for processing tough emotions could be:

  • The feelings I’ve experiencing a lot lately are…
  • The next time I experience a negative emotion, I’m going to…
  • Some ways I could acknowledge negative emotions without judgment are…

4. If your students are struggling with something…

Encourage a positive learning mindset with a daily class affirmation. Consider coming up with an affirmation together, or use one of these as a starting point:

  • I believe in myself.
  • I can do hard things.
  • I am proud of the progress I’ve made.
  • Mistakes are a chance to learn.
  • Struggling makes me stronger.

5. If your students are bored or disengaged…

Search TpT for a resource relevant to their interests.

6. If you are having a rough teaching day…

Recite a positive affirmation to yourself to help you re-center, feel confident, and stay calm. Here are a few affirmations you might try:

  • I’m making a difference.
  • I am becoming a better teacher every day.
  • My job matters!
  • I treat myself and my students with kindness and respect.
  • I believe in my students.
  • I am a competent and capable teacher.
  • I’m open to learning.
  • I am creating a better tomorrow for my students.
  • I’m thankful to have a challenging and fulfilling job.

As you navigate new challenges throughout the school year, adding positive affirmations and coping strategies to your teaching toolkit can help support a healthy learning environment for you and your students. For even more affirmations and coping strategies to try, check out the these creative resources, which include both a printable and digital option.

This post originally appeared in TpT’s Back to School 2020 Guide: For Teachers Creating Tomorrow