thought bubbles that say: start a journal, take a quick breath, do something for your community, daily affirmations, and be kind to you

Practicing positive self talk and healthy coping strategies is an important way to support social-emotional well-being with your students. Especially when navigating distance learning or hybrid learning, positive affirmations and coping skills can help you and your students manage uncertainty and change. So the next time you or your students need a boost of confidence or assurance, give these positive affirmations and coping strategies a try.

Affirmations and Strategies to Support Social-Emotional Well-Being

As you navigate new challenges throughout the school year, adding positive affirmations and coping strategies to your teaching toolkit can help support a healthy learning environment for you and your students. For even more affirmations and coping strategies to try, check out the creative ideas TpT Teacher-Authors have shared in these positive affirmation TpT Digital Activities, which include both a printable and digital option.

This post originally appeared in TpT’s Back to School 2020 Guide: For Teachers Creating Tomorrow