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If I had a dollar for every time I came home from work stressed out and irritable, I would be a rich woman. I wish I could have a show of hands to see just how many of you are with me on this one. There were a couple of years that were especially challenging, for one reason or another, but with the new year approaching, it has opened up a door of thought in my mind.
Two questions come to mind.
Now, I’m not perfect, and I’m not a counselor of any sort. However, I think that we’ll agree that the following tips I’m about to share are things that WOULD, in fact, create a more harmonious energy within ourselves, both in and out of school.  
The truth is, life is busy. We are busy. And with all of the chaos that buzzes around us from day to day, it’s really hard at times to take a moment for ourselves, to reflect on what needs to change, and then figure out ways to create a change to promote inner peace.  We almost need a “playbook” of sorts to help us in every situation. If only that existed. Or does it? I think it does. I think that we have the power to create that change. Our own “inner playbook” if you will.
Let’s look at some reasons why we get irritated at work.  (I’m guessing here… and also reflecting on some of my own reasons for reaching my personal boiling point throughout the years.)
Unfortunately, friends, these things typically don’t go away. I’m aware of that, however, my goal today is to shift your thinking. I believe that with a little planning, a couple of strategic and intentional moves, and some positive thinking, we can overcome a GREAT deal of stress this school year. Let’s give it a shot. Why not!?
I remember days even in high school, I would wake up upset, annoyed, tired, unmotivated, or just downright cranky. Don’t we all?  We’re entitled to those days! But, do we REALLY like ourselves when we act like that? Well, I sure don’t.  
There’s something so simple, yet so powerful in something that my mother told me as I grew into an adult. Remember, she was there on those mornings… my behavior… my attitude rippled into her day, as well. So, when I think back to the simplicity and truth of her words, they resonate inside of me to this day.  
She said…
So, with my mom’s words of wisdom, and some good-old-fashioned life lessons in hand, I am happy to walk you through SOME of the ways that I’m certain we’ll find some inner peace this school year.  
So, grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy seat, and perhaps a little peace and quiet, and let’s begin. 🙂
Oooooommmmmmmmmmmmm………………………………he he! (I couldn’t resist.)
It’s true. There is a definite power in words. How simple would it be to surround yourself with positive quotes and insights, so that you can have a quick “pick me up” when you need it? Everything from motivation to getting healthy, to helping you through hard times in your life, there’s a quote for every situation! With Pinterest and Google at our fingertips, our quote library is there for the taking, and on demand!  
Here are a few that I just found… it took me ONE minute.
Our world is filled with noise, and when the world is quiet, our minds are filled with the noise of our thoughts. We need to escape it all…even for a few minutes at a time. If you are a morning person, you may want to do it then. If you know that you are going to have a few minutes with your kiddos in the evening, allow yourself time to escape. During school, close your door when you arrive in the morning or during your prep time.
As a mother, I feel the guilt of not giving my kids every waking second of my attention, but the truth is, I need to recharge. I’m not at my best if I don’t take time to escape the noise. Now, this doesn’t mean that I leave the kids at the house by themselves while I go sit in the woods by myself! This could mean… taking a bath, taking a walk, going for a bike ride, sitting on my porch to watch the sun set, or waking up early to watch the sun rise with a cup of hot tea. It’s AMAZING how much clarity you get from just a few minutes of peace and quiet, not to mention that these are the times I get the most inspiration!


According to Psychology Today, a lack of organization is DIRECTLY related to stress.  
Here’s what they had to say about it.
So, how do we de-clutter?  For me, my mind breaks that word into two categories.  
The first category being…
I joined TpT in 2013.  At that time, I KNEW that I had to make something to help me clear the clutter of my desk, and a place to put important documents so that I always knew where to find them.  It took me no time at all to come up with my editable teaching binders.  
Since that time, I have created 9 themes, along with 1 HUGE variety cover binder, that have helped thousands of teachers worldwide do the same exact thing! 
Here’s a quick overview of what I came up with:
450+ pages in both a crisp PDF FILE, as well as an EDITABLE FILE, allowing teachers to customize to their heart’s content. 🙂
2 Excel documents containing:
*100% editable lesson plan template

*100% editable grade book template that calculates both individual and class averages

Common Core checklists that allow for notes and assessment dates for grades K-5 
(both ELA and Math!)  
Here’s a look at two of my most popular themes… “Navy Rainbow” and “Bright Colors and Buttons.” This is just how I set it up for my classroom.  
To get a closer look at how I assemble my binders, as well as what’s included, click here!
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If you want variety, my Variety Binder is the one for you!!

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This brings me to the second category in the organizational bin in my brain…

We have to leave home before we go to work. If we leave in an unsettled way, at least for me, the rest of my day is rocky.  So, to avoid this, I would recommend a few different things.
I know that I have much more clarity at work when things at home are on track.


This is a BIG one for me. Do you remember when I said that I had a couple of years that were less than perfect? Well, I would say that negativity was the reason why. Negativity, as you know, can happen at any time and in any situation by any individual. It takes ONE negative person to bring an ENTIRE room’s energy down. I know, simply because I have seen it. You know it’s bad when you avoid one particular hallway because you may catch a glimpse of that ONE person.  That’s bad.  
So, to avoid the negativity trap, I would encourage you to keep positive. 
This all goes back to my mother’s words of wisdom… YOU CHOOSE how you want to feel! DO NOT let others steal your joy! Remain positive, and smile at the person that you’re trying to avoid when you see them. Who knows… maybe they will smile back!  Maybe not, but let their negativity stay with them. Go back to you classroom and smile.  That’s YOUR space.  
I am lucky enough to say that I have found WONDERFUL people to be around at work, and that the energy in our hallway is one that brings joy to both the students and the staff that pass through. It’s actually fun to go to work now.
There are some really wonderful daily devotionals to read that would be a GREAT way to start your day. Amazon has some great books on this topic.


Working out and eating right, whether we want to do it or not, are surefire ways to alleviate stress. Sometimes, they are the hardest things to do, but I can’t stress how much this CHANGES your entire being. Making the simple decision to move, or to pick up an apple versus a donut… it is nothing short of empowering.  
When you begin, it’s truly a meal by meal and move by move success story. It soon turns into a day by day, then a week by week, and then a month by month success! It takes 21 days to start a routine.
Let’s just say it.. .those 21 days will NOT be easy, but you may just find that your day to day successes make you both a stronger person, and a stronger teacher. The negative thoughts that you had about your body and yourself will dissipate, which will only make you a stronger person all around.
After I had my daughters, I had to lose 60 pounds!  YEP… I gained that much with each pregnancy…
I did Weight Watchers and worked out like crazy! I ended up losing more than I even needed to, and felt better than ever.  It’s still a struggle, but the days that I decide to move and to watch what I put in my mouth, I’m a nicer person.  Give it a shot!


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