Five TpT Teacher-Authors have achieved the remarkable $75,000 profit TpT milestones this summer. We applaud all of you.


1. Lindsay Perro from Maryland says, “I came to TpT in the fall of 2009. It took me almost THREE years to reach the first earnings ‘milestone.’ It takes a long time to build up followers (especially being a middle school seller) and a good customer base. My success on TpT has allowed me to take 2 years off from the classroom to be at home with my children. I still create for TpT, most things now being customer requests. I love this ‘job’ and am very blessed to be here!”



2. Ari from Texas is The Science Penguin. She says, “I’m so happy that I get to share ideas and products with elementary science teachers through my blog and TpT. I know resources can be slim on many campuses, so I create products that teachers can easily use with their classes to maximize instruction time.  It’s so important that we teach our students to be scientists, creators, and explorers.  We have the amazing gift and power to shape the future of science by empowering our students.”



3. Miss Kindergarten Love from California says, “Teachers Pay Teachers has not only given me an outlet to share my creativity but also provided me with a place to find creative and meaningful ways to teach my students. TpT has changed my teaching and my life!”



4. Nicole Shelby from Kentucky says, “TpT has made me a better teacher in the fact that not only do I create materials to help ease the workload for teachers, but I am a buyer as well. TpT is such a blessing!”

5. And here’s a tip from our 5th TpT $75,000 milestone. This Teacher-Author wishes to remain anonymous. She says:

“Find your own niche, create your own brand, and make it on your own sweat and tears.”

A big round of applause for these five remarkable Teacher-Authors on their TpT Milestones. Job well done!