Have you met Kimberly Geswein? She’s a fabulous font artist on Teachers Pay Teachers, and she also writes a very insightful blog where she shares neat tips for things like “How to add fonts to iPhone and iPad.” She’s turned font creation into a full-time job and credits TpT with some of that success. Needless to say, we’re really excited she’ll be presenting at this year’s Come Together, Go Further conference in Las Vegas on the Design Panel.

1. Kimberly, we love the story of how you met your husband Keith, in Hong Kong — can you share it here?

Sure! Keith and I met in Hong Kong in 1998. We were both college sophomores studying abroad for the semester. (Keith likes to KimberlyKeithNorwayNov2014say he was “studying a broad named Kimberly.”) Our first date was on my 19th birthday; we hiked to the top of Victoria Peak and watched the sunset and admired the city lights. It was extremely romantic for a first date, but we were so inept at romance that we just stared awkwardly at the city and avoided eye contact. We spent 4 months together in Hong Kong (and eventually did make eye contact and speak in full sentences), and made it our goal to try as many different restaurants as we could in the city. This began our love affair with traveling/eating our way around the world.

2. You homeschool your girls: Do you use TpT resources and if so, who are some of your favorite Teacher-Authors?

Yes, of course! We have 2 daughters — Eliza is in 6th grade and Kate is in 5th grade. I love using TpT resources from Teacher-Authors that I know and trust to create quality resources. Some of my favorites I’m currently using are:

Interactive Science Notebook All in One BundleThe Science Penguin — Her interactive science notebooks are amazing! My husband teaches 5th grade, and he got completely hooked on her notebooks. He has our daughters (5th and 6th grade) working through them now. I love everything she creates!

Teaching in Room 6 — Her Paragraph of the Week and Essay of the Week have helped our younger Paragraph of the Weekdaughter immensely. She struggled with paragraph structure, and the detailed, scaffolded approach worked wonders in helping her write more effective paragraphs and essays.

Sixth Grade Interactive Notebook Bundle- All Standards4MulaFun — Her interactive math notebooks are an important part of our math program. My daughters know that before they ask for help on any problem, they need to consult their notebook. It’s helped them to take ownership of their learning.

Many of the things in my husband’s store (Keith Geswein) were created for my use. We are firm Wonder Power Pack: Prompts, Quizzes, Vocab, Character Analysis, Cloze Activitiesbelievers in reading great books, so we require our daughters to read dozens of books each year. He’s created novel studies for me to use with many of those books. It saves me so much time!

3. What are your three favorite (or favorite-right-now) fonts? 

My favorites change by the day, but my most used fonts are:


KG Second ChancesKG Only HumanKG Miss Kindergarten

 4. Family is at the top of your list of important things. What are your educational hopes and dreams for your children?

I learned really quickly as a mom that my desires for my kids aren’t always going to match up with their strengths and gifts in life. I don’t think my parents ever thought my life would involve fonts or design in any way. My hopes and dreams for my kids are that they will find the things in life that they are excited about and that we will support them as they pursue those things. My daughter Kate (10) is a passionate dancer who loves nothing more than being on stage. My daughter Eliza (12) is a quiet thinker who has a witty comeback for everything and loves to play guitar and write. They run a little business together creating video tutorials for Rainbow Loom bracelets. I love their entrepreneurial spirits!


I hope that I am raising thoughtful, empathetic, caring listeners who understand that hearing others’ stories, beliefs, and viewpoints is more important than making your own voice heard and “winning” an argument. We are trying to expand their worldview — one journey at a time. We lived in China with our daughters for four years and while we’ve now settled in the United States, we still believe in the importance of international travel and make it a point to expose our kids to different cultures and countries as often as possible.


5. Kimberly, you’ve provided so many wonderful suggestions and ideas, so we have to ask: How has TpT affected your life most?

I think there are three major ways TpT has affected our lives.

First, I will say that the financial rewards of TpT have given us the freedom to travel and do the things we love. We definitely couldn’t afford to travel as often, and we are so grateful for the memories we can make with our daughters.

Second, the friendships we have made through TpT have been unquestionably the greatest blessing. I’ve worked from home or been a stay-at-home mom the majority of the last 12+ years. It can be incredibly isolating and lonely being at home as an extremely extroverted person. Through my TpT friendships, I’ve been able to stay connected and feel like I’m a part of something bigger than just me in my pajamas working at home. Community is so important!

Third, we’ve been able to give back to others. For many years, we lived on my husband’s teacher’s salary with no other income. It was a real struggle. We had generous people in our lives who blessed us during that time. To finally be able to return the favor to others is a gift we don’t take lightly. My dad has always told me that if you are trusted with much, you have to be faithful with much. You miss out on so many things in life when you clench your fists to hold on to what you have. You have to open your hands, reach out, bless others, and give freely. I am so thankful for the example he set in my life and feel grateful that we are able to help others.


How “font-tastic!” Thank you for you spending some time with us, Kimberly. And thank you for sharing some of your favorite fonts and resources.