Look! It’s The Moffatt Girls! That’s TpT Teacher-Author Annie Moffatt and her beautiful family above.


It is such a pleasure to get to know Annie a bit more. From a teaching career sparked on the other side of the globe to a charming, hand-built classroom where lots of learning (and resource testing) takes place, this 5 questions is filled with fascinating tidbits.

1. What is one achievement for which you are particularly proud?

Right after I graduated high school, I lived in Russia for a year and worked alongside of a local church and orphanage. As a student, I was able to attend the linguistic university and become conversationally fluent in Russian. It was a life-changing journey that ended up leading me into my teaching career.

During my time in Russia I had the privilege of working with the only orphanage that would allow us access to children, an orphanage filled with children with mental and physical disabilities. These beautiful children challenged me, changed me, and opened my heart to a whole new world! I had the privilege of loving and serving these children. It was an experience that I will never forget and it certainly changed me!


Annie at work at a Russian orphanage.

I was also asked to teach conversational English to a group of doctors and hospital staff. This was a HUGE challenge for me. I had no formal teaching education and I wasn’t even sure how to put together a lesson plan. To my surprise, over the next several months, these doctors learned English! To me, that was a miracle! It was then that I realized that teaching was my gift and calling, but I certainly needed a more formal teaching education. Russia changed my life forever, in so many good ways!


Russian Visa
Annie’s Russian Visa for teaching English in the post Soviet Bloc


2. What is the best kind of feedback you get on your resources? And how do you interact with your customers?

It is an honor to share resources that are helpful to teachers. The best kind of feedback I get are from teachers who express how my resources have made a huge impact in reading growth and success, especially when kids get excited about learning. It also makes me happy when teachers say that I have saved them a lot of time and work!

I really enjoy interacting with my customers on our Facebook page. I feel very thankful to have such amazing customers who continue to purchase our products and are so very kind!

3. How do you know a new idea is right for a product?

First of all, I make sure that my products align to the Common Core. Teachers need and want resources that meet the standards, are purposeful in the classroom and engaging for students. I have two little Moffatt Girls who have come to expect hands-on, engaging, and FUN resources! I want kids to experience a learning environment that is exciting, rewarding, and fun. Therefore, the ideas for a new product need to meet “The Moffatt Girls” standards. I love it when my girls say, “Can I have another one?” I know that I have hit a homerun when my little students ask for another hands-on learning activity!

4. What are your three favorite products and why?

My favorite products are ones where the teachers and the students get excited about learning.

One of my favorite resources is my Word Work Bundle. Working with words and learning how to recognized word patterns is a huge part of learning how to read. The Word Work Bundle is interactive, highly engaging, and FUN! This packet makes learning how to read a game! The Word Work Bundle is easy to implement in a differentiate learning environment. It allows for independent literacy center practice, small guided reading group instruction, and effective homework.

We all know that teachers work hard and are very busy! I wanted to create line of products that require NO PREP and make life easy for teachers! No laminate, no costly colored ink, no cutting, NO PREP… just print and go! Our most recent Winter Math and Literacy packet for Kindergarten  and Winter 1st Grade Math and Literacy packet cover a ton of skills, but still make learning FUN and hands-on.

My favorite free product is our FREE Classroom Labels because it is a product that every teacher can use! I love the simple black and white labels that compliment any classroom decor. I just finished adding these to our own classroom to help organize all of our resources.

Annie says, “Our classroom was created and built by Moffatt Builders ‘The Moffatt Man.'”

5. How do you recommend that homeschooling families make best use of TpT? What’s available here for that community?

Oh wow! Great question! TpT is an amazing resource for homeschoolers. Just the other day, I was talking to a homeschool mom whose daughter was struggling with math. The textbook she purchased just wasn’t meeting her daughter’s needs and she wanted something more. I shared with her about the amazing resources available on TpT.

This homeschooling mom had never heard of TpT and couldn’t believe that should she could purchase, download, print, and use a resource the same day. I also shared with her about the many free resources offered by TpT sellers.

This mom left encouraged and excited because she now had access to supplemental learning resources for her daughter! TpT is changing the homeschool community for good! As a credentialed teacher, I appreciate the talented teachers that share their resources on TpT. It has made our homeschool journey a lot more rewarding.

The little Moffatt Girls. Annie: “I LOVE these girls so much!”


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