4 New Things You'll Love

We’re excited to share four new features for TpT Digital Activities! If you aren’t already familiar with how to use the tool, you can customize enabled PDF resources on TpT and “digitize” them for online learning by adding interactive answer boxes, shapes, and notes, removing unwanted pages, and more. The resource can then be assigned to students online, where they will have access to annotation tools to complete the activity you’ve prepared, and can submit their responses for your review. You’ll be notified of new student responses and can then review their work within TpT Digital Activities. 

If you’re new to using TpT Digital Activities, watch this 2-minute intro video to learn more. Find a digital activity on TpT to use with your students today. 

New Digital Activities Features for 2021:

We’ve listened to your feedback and have released some big features that should help you, and educators everywhere, to reach more students.

1. Create Your Own Digital Activity

Have a PDF you’ve been wanting to annotate and assign to your students? Now, you can! Starting this week, you can create digital activities with any PDF you own or have the right to use with TpT. To get started, simply log in to TpT Digital Activities and look for the “Create” button. You’ll be prompted to upload your PDF and then you can use the annotation tools and assign to students in the same way you would with enabled resources found on teacherspayteachers.com.  

2. Virtual Manipulatives

We’ve heard that teachers want to make shapes “movable” for students, sort of like virtual manipulatives, which will help you create new engaging activities. Examples include sorting shapes, matching, and more. Students will be able to move the shapes — but won’t be able to resize or delete them — making your life easier. 

To make a shape “movable” for students, simply click on the shape you want, and select the “Movable” icon in the toolbar. It looks like this: 

3. Assign with a Link

We’ve also heard many teachers ask for an alternative way to assign digital activities without using Google Classroom (even though we know that Google Classroom works well for a lot of you!). Great news! Now you can assign your digital activity by copying a unique URL and pasting it into the learning management system (LMS) of your choice. We’re also currently developing deeper integrations with the most popular LMS’s, like Canvas and Schoology, to make teachers’ lives easier. Stay tuned for more!

4. Quickly View Student Responses 

We’ve created an easier way for you to review which students have turned in their work and to scroll through each response. Simply click on the activity you want to view, and look for the class roster at the top. Use the drop-down menu to see who has turned in their work and then use the arrows to swiftly move through each response. 

We’d love to hear what you think about these improvements and what other features you’d like to see in the future in this 2-question survey! We’re constantly improving the experience for you and your students, so stay tuned for ongoing updates. And be sure to follow our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) so you can see the latest news first.


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