We are thrilled when new teachers discover TeachersPayTeachers.com and all that our website offers!

Definitely take a look at our updated TpT By the Numbers and please share it. It’s a great bite-sized view of the TpT community and the power of Teachers directly supporting Teachers.

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If you’re new (or not-so-new) to TpT, here are 3 ways to get the most from TpT:

1. Follow Your Favorites!

When you find TpT Teacher-Authors you like, be sure to follow them by clicking the “Follow Me” star on the top of their store page or on the right under “Made by” on any of their product pages.

My Favorite Sellers
Under “My TpT”

You’ll be notified when this Seller has a new product or throws a sale. You’ll also be able to find this Seller again anytime you like by visiting “My Favorite Sellers” (find the shortcut link on the “My TpT” menu).

2. Leave Thoughtful Feedback

After you’ve purchased a resource, please offer your feedback with star ratings and a helpful comment. This feedback helps Teacher-Authors improve their products and know what works well. Additionally, you can earn TpT Credits for your feedback.

Two requests: Please do not leave comments about technical issues (such as trouble opening files or printing). If you encounter a problem like that, contact us. Also, be sure to offer enough information so that it’s helpful. A one word comment is usually not enough.

3. Like Us on Facebook

Join 125,497 other educators (as of right this minute) and like us on Facebook. It’s a great place to learn about new resources, Teacher-Authors, sales, and to join the conversation about topics that matter to teachers today.