3 Musts for Video

Environment, lighting, and sound are three musts for successfully creating a video. Here are some tips for getting started!

We’re already seeing so many fantastic videos. Keep up the great work! We notice that we get a lot of the same questions when it comes to asking for feedback, so here’s some information to help you get started. You can also check out the TpT U: Video site for a deeper dive!

Figuring out what your video should be about can be challenging. Think of the questions that your colleagues frequently ask you or a particular area where you’re super passionate; these are what you should think of capturing for other educators!

Once you’ve chosen your topic, take time to think about the following:


Environment – No matter where you’re filming, the goal is to keep your viewer focused on your content! Some people worry that if they want to model a lesson, they need to be in the classroom. That’s not the case! Getting creative with your surroundings can make for a great video. You can put up a small bulletin board in your office to serve as a background, or find a clean wall with minimal distractions. You can make just about any space work for you and your video.

Environment, lighting, and sound are three musts for successfully creating a video. Here are some tips for getting started!
Kerry includes extra content during the editing process

You might even want to consider editing in a picture of an anchor chart, or adding text directly to the screen when you’re ready to discuss it, rather than including a poster or anchor chart in the background. This can cut down on distracting your viewer and make your information more impactful. You can see how Kerry did this in her Mini Mayflower STEM Challenge video.

Lighting – Great lighting plays a major role in creating a visually pleasing video for your viewer. If you’re lucky enough to have a space with natural light, you’ll want to make sure that you’re facing the window so all of that great natural light will brighten you up. Just keep in mind that if it’s a cloudy day, or if you’re shooting at different times of day, the lighting may shift a bit!

You can use overhead lights, lamps, or light rings to help make sure that you’re well lit. A tip we learned from one of our pros was to also make sure that you don’t stand with your back directly against the wall. Avoiding this can help with shadows behind you and create a little more depth to your shot! You can check out our Pinterest Board for some equipment ideas, including things like ring lights and camera lights.

Environment, lighting, and sound are three musts for successfully creating a video. Here are some tips for getting started!
The difference good lighting can make in your shot

Sound – You want to make sure that your voice is clear and that your audience isn’t distracted by any background noise. Good sound is one of the most important aspects of video. We recommend purchasing an inexpensive lavalier mic to get started. If you don’t want to invest in anything else, the mic is one thing that has the power to really change your video quality for the better!

Something else to keep in mind that doesn’t cost a thing is to just make sure you’re in a quiet location. If you have an echo, you can add things to the room (out of the camera shot) like fluffy pillows, soft furniture, or fabric, to try to take out some of the echo that you’re picking up as you record.

Be mindful of outside noise, but don’t stress! You may include royalty free music later that covers up the sound of a car horn or your ring hitting the table. Not to worry!

We hope these suggestions help you feel more confident as you bravely go forward in the direction of video! As always, feel free to pop into our Facebook Group to let us know if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions. We’re in this together!