Wish list, Wish list
Let me see
If I check you off
In my cart you’ll be!

With a code
you’ll all be mine,
Not only saving money,
but saves me time!
Sue Lynch

Take a moment to consider this: Teachers Pay Teachers is 3 Million Teachers strong! We’re more than a trend, more than a passing fancy. TpT is a teacher movement… and you’re part of it!

But now that the sale is here, there’s no time to spare! Ready, Set, Wait… Where should you start? If you’re having trouble mapping out the perfect purchase plan, these suggestions from TpT Teacher-Authors are sure to help. Without further adieu:

This sale is the perfect time to …

1. Find Bundles of Joy

“It’s the ideal time to purchase bundles,” says Laurie Kraus. “You get so much more while spending so much less!” Cahill’s Creations adds, “… You won’t regret having more material to use throughout the year, while keeping extra money in your pocket! It’s a win-win situation!”

More Stores Who Love Bundles:

2. Get Ready for Testing

“This is the perfect time to purchase test prep materials because <gulp> testing is almost here, says Math Mojo.” “… practice is essential to the consolidation of concepts and skills,” says Catia Dias. “This sale is the perfect time to purchase task cards, file folders activities, games, and worksheets because they offer students the practice they need at prices that you can afford!”  The Science Penguin agrees. “TpT has the best classroom-tested materials to prepare students in a fun way.” And Teaching With a Mountain View has this to add: “Differentiated resources help meet the needs of ALL of your students and keep them engaged in what can sometimes become monotonous review during test prep season.”

Get smart and get test prep, say these stores:

3. Enjoy the Luck o’ the Irish

My Heart Belongs in Kindergarten says, “You don’t have to have a pot of gold to shop on TpT! This sale is the perfect time to purchase your St. Patrick’s Day resources because you can save some green.” Carol Martinez adds, “… seasonal products because they can be used year after year. They’ll never go out of style!”

These stores concur with getting in the holiday spirit:

4. Align With Common Core

Fill your cart with nonfiction resources that will help enhance reading and writing and meet Common Core standards, says Teacher Treasure Hunter. Two Boys and a Dad Productions agrees and suggests you can “recharge, redirect, and shift instruction and learning! The Common Core ELA and Math shifts don’t have to be mysterious and overwhelming.”

5. Make a Fresh Start for Spring

“This sale is the perfect time to purchase spring-themed items,” says Kathryn Garcia, “because, seriously, have we ever been more ready for springtime than this year?” Melissa Shutler says fun and engaging research projects will bring in March like a lion, and Ellen Weber suggests stocking up on task cards and graphic organizers to “sizzle secondary student brains after a long winter solstice!”

Bulletin boards in need of a little pick-me-up? Deb Hanson says this sale is the ideal opportunity to purchase craftivities that will give your bulletin boards and hallway a fresh new look for spring. “Try something new,” says Rainbow City Learning, “and see where your spring journey will lead!”

More stores ready for SPRING:

6. Whittle Down Your Wish List

Wishes really do come true! Miss Giraffe says this sale is the time to “finally get all of those items that have been sitting in your wish list. What better time than when so many amazing resources are 28% off?” Second Grade Stories agrees. It’s a great opportunity “to purchase anything you’ve had your eyes on… because the only thing better than a great product is getting it at a great price!” Over the Hills adds, “This sale is the perfect time to empty your shopping cart. We all know TpT has everything that the modern teacher needs to succeed!”

Wish on your wish list, say these stores:

7. Stock up on Staples

Yearn to Learn says, “This sale is perfect for picking up tried-and-true staples for your classroom. I love the versatility of task cards. They’re such a valuable part of my students’ learning.” Teaching Tykes agrees. “They introduce, reinforce, and remediate; they’re hands-on activities to engage students in fun, interactive learning!” Right Down the Middle with Andrea enjoys using task cards in centers and small groups as well as for test prep. Literary Sherri recommends task cards as well, along with review games, “because you and your students are worth it!”

8. Get Your Time Back

“This sale is the perfect time to buy resources that you just don’t have time to make yourself, says UtahRoots, “like ready-to-go substitute teacher activities, ready-to-laminate task cards, or ready-to-play learning games. Find what you need on TpT for a great price, and give yourself some time to breathe!” MissMathDork is all for teachers getting precious time back. “Purchase some pre-made activities,” she says, “and spend a little extra time outside in the spring weather!  Don’t forget to grab resources for Pi Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter!

These stores agree that your time is valuable:

9. Finish out Strong

“Can you hear that?” asks The Bulletin Board Lady-Tracy King. “That’s the sound of amazing Sellers stocking their virtual TpT shelves with tons of amazing resources to make your days easier and provide you with everything you need to successfully finish out the school year!” Wild about K Kidz adds, “It’s the perfect time to purchase some fantastic new materials to get you soaring through the rest of the year, because before you know it, March will come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. Stock up on mini books, spring poetry, or some fun secret math codes!” And Elina says that general purpose activities for centers will help students strengthen the basic skills they’ve learned throughout the year.

Additional ayes from the following stores. Prep now for end of year and thank yourself later:

10. Get Ready for Next Year

Ms Lilypad says it’s definitely not too early to start planning ahead. “It’s the right time to purchase curriculum bundles and other resources for next year because you’ll have the rest of this school year to try them out and see how they go!” Silly Sam Productions agrees. “This sale lets you purchase whole-year programs at great prices. If you’re searching for a vocabulary, phonics, or math program to supplement your curriculum materials, now is the time! Look for new themes or new classroom management systems now, so you can try them out and be ready to implement them in the coming year.”

Happy shopping, Teachers!

The TpT Is 3 Million Teachers Strong Sale

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