The “3 Million Teachers Strong” Sale is in full swing! Can you feel the excitement in the air? We sure can!

We hope you’ve filled your cart with fantastic resources for your classroom. Did you catch our 10 Ways to Save + 1 Poem post? If you’re looking for more great ideas, TpT Teacher-Authors offer up nine more excellent ways to fill your cart right here!

This sale is the perfect time to …

1. Try Something Different and New

“Surprise your students, reinvigorate your bag of tricks, and add some sparkle to the last few months of school!” says Edventures at Home. Why not step out of your comfort zone a bit while all TpT resources are up to 28% off?

“Interested in trying task cards or implementing reader’s workshop?” asks Core Inspiration by Laura Santos. “Take the leap and stock up on resources that will make you a master of something new!”

“This is the perfect time to start planning for fun and educational classroom projects,” says Crockett’s Classroom. “Your students will be ready for something new after those big tests!”

Jessica Scott adds: “… purchasing resources you’ve never tried before will keep you excited about the remainder of the school year. This will help your students stay motivated to learn as well.”

2. Remember RTI

Adironack Teachers says, “This sale is the perfect time to purchase supplemental materials to help your RTI kids with concepts they’re having a difficult time grasping. A different approach may help them!”

KB3Teach adds, “Spring is just around the corner; the perfect time for your ‘late bloomers’ to start showing what they can do! Take advantage of this sale to grab some great deals on RTI products in phonics, reading strategies, and foundational math skills.”

3. Increase Your Clip Art Collection

What better time to get quality clip art and have “all your images ready-to-go for your end-of-the-year lessons and summer projects?” asks Charlotte’s Clips. “There are lots of cute fonts available, too!” adds Kimberly Geswein Fonts.

4. Strengthen Students’ Life Skills

“Purchase reinforcement tasks to help students with their life and vocational skills, which are needed to increase independence,” advises Adaptive Tasks. “These exercises are great for keeping early finishers occupied during test-taking time,” she says.

Christine Reeve thinks it’s a great time to stock up on supports “for students with behavioral issues to help them manage their behavior more independently. The more independence they have as they transition to their next classroom, the more opportunities they’ll have.”

5. Discover Special Education Resources

Autism Educators sees this sale as the perfect opportunity to find “great bargains on unique, differentiated activities to keep our Special Needs students focused and on task. You’ll find great buys on resources including creative interactive activity books and file folder games, language and social skills exercises, and Common Core ‘I Can’ statements geared toward children with special needs.”

6. Round up Reading Materials

Another reason this sale is special? It lets you “purchase reading products at each students’ guided reading level because every child deserves to have the opportunity to read text at his or her level every day,” says Common Core Connection.

And be sure to grab those must-have fluency resources, says MsJordanReads. “TpT offers a great collection of fun, engaging fluency materials that can be used throughout the year. If you’re looking to break up the mid-year ‘slump,’ this is the perfect time of year to bring some fluency fun into the classroom. Take advantage of this sale to build up your fluency toolbox and help your students become more fluent readers!”

7. Celebrate National Poetry Month

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… ”

Positively Passionate About Teaching reminds us, “National Poetry Month is coming up in April. That’s right around the corner!” Get ready to elicit great creativity from your students by purchasing “poetry lessons, units, and guides,” says Brain Waves Instruction.

8. Master Your Math Lessons

“Use this sale to stock up on seasonal, open-ended math projects,” suggests horizons.

Hilda Ratliff is a big fan of board games. “They’re an entertaining way to review important math concepts that have been taught throughout the year!”

9. Find Foreign Language Support

With so many resources deeply discounted, now is the time to “supplement your foreign language curriculum in order to incorporate cultural activities that are not typically included in textbooks,” says Sra Casado. “It’s so important that students learn the foreign culture as well as the language — and have fun doing so!” For Creative Expressions, fluency is the word. “Spanish conjugation resources are so important because now is the time for students to start speaking a foreign language more fluently!”

And who can forget about Mardi Gras? “This sale is the perfect time to purchase Mardi Gras-themed products because the good times always roll in the classroom when Teachers Pay Teachers is involved!” Well said, Madame H.

Check out TpT’s wide range of resources for teaching French, Italian, and about a dozen other languages.


Get exactly what you need, Teachers! Now is the time.

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