As 2014 comes to a close, we’re incredibly excited to introduce you to the final milestone achievers of the year! Take a look at the creative resources they’re featuring right here: everything from math, literature, science, and social studies resources, to morning work packs and substitute plans. What better way to prepare for 2015 and gain a fresh perspective for your classroom? Be sure to check out this week’s other 10 milestone achievers, as well. Happy New Year, Teachers — here’s to new beginnings!

10 December Milestone Achievers: Finishing 2014 Strong

1. Right on, Rachel! She’s Teacher Addict

Try her: 3rd Grade Daily Math Morning Work 3rd and 4th quarter practice All Common Core

Her tip: “My morning work is still, by far, the most beneficial product I’ve created for my own classroom. I use it every day! The 3rd and 4th quarter pack really delves into the 3rd grade math curriculum so that all of the Common Core Standards are addressed each week. I save paper by having a full week on one sheet of paper, and I’m able to challenge my more advanced math students with the ‘Challenge Problem’ that’s included each week. I also have packs available for 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade. I have a free week available for each grade level so you can see if you like it as much as I do!”


2. Greetings, Jackie Panzica Davis in Atlanta, GA

Try her: Colonial Regions Postcards Project

Her tip: “The Colonial Regions Postcard Project is an engaging activity that puts your students in the shoes of a colonial boy or girl and integrates writing with social studies. Happy teaching, and enjoy!”


3. From Texas, it’s April & Vanesa — Schoolhouse Divas

Try their: Math Restaurant Menus (3rd – 5th Grades) TEKS & CC Aligned!

Their tip: “These menus combine real-world application and fun into one activity that your kids will love. Plus, there’s no prep work involved!”


4. You did it, Stephanie Elkowitz from Smithtown, NY

Try her: Human Body Project: What’s in my Body?

Her tip: “Science can be tough, especially when so much of it is complex or abstract subject matter. My products (including this project) help break down complex concepts into simple ideas and illustrate/model concepts that are difficult to visualize. They also connect science to the world beyond the classroom, which helps students better retain and appreciate learned material.”


5. Sensational job, Star Materials

Try her: Bill Nye – Measurement – Worksheet, Answer Sheet, and Two Quizzes

Her tip: “Keep your students engaged in the video by using these great differentiated worksheets. There’s a ‘Fill in the Blank’ and a word bank version of 15 questions that span this great video. These same questions are purposed in a new way to form easy-to-give quizzes. In this set, there are eight separate documents, and we have a separate worksheet for each of the 100 ‘Bill Nye, the Science Guy’ episodes, all 52 ‘Magic School Bus’ episodes, and our newest worksheets are for the 40 episodes of ‘History’s Kids.'”


6. Katy Gilpin from Santa Cruz, CA is Substitute Plans by Teacher Saver Sub Plans

Try her: Teacher Saver Sub Plans – 3rd Grade Substitute Plan #3 (full day)

Her tip: “Teacher Saver Sub Plans provides ready-to-use, full-school-day substitute plans that are engaging and based on the National Common Core Standards. And the best part… you don’t have to make them! Any teacher knows that it’s almost easier to go to school sick than make sub plans. Not only do semi-decent sub plans take hours to make, but you have to organize everything and leave detailed notes. To make matters worse, you’re doing all of that while feeling sick. Whatever your reason for needing to take a day off from teaching, Teacher Saver Sub Plans is the solution. I sell multiple days of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade sub plans.”


7. Just grand, Jennifer Kimbrell from Arkansas — she’s Tech with Jen

Try her: Greek Mythology Unit: Using Close Reading to Dig Deeper

Her tip: “Students will engage and explore the ideas and text structures of a Greek myth through close reading strategies and activities. There are also lots of ideas for technology integration, but as with most of my units, you don’t need technology to teach the unit.”


8. Meet Math in the Middle — Christina Ely from New Jersey

Try her: 180 Daily Middle School Word Problems

Her tip: “This set of ‘problem of the day’ word problems is a great way to review previously learned skills, apply the skills students are currently learning, and get them thinking outside the box!”


9. Kudos to Book Units By Teachers in Abbeville, SC

Try their: By the Great Horn Spoon! by Sid Fleischman Book Unit

Their tip: “Our units are perfect for using awesome literature to teach the Common Core Standards. Each unit is individualized to go with its book. They’re great for homeschoolers, guided reading groups, whole group, and for anyone that teaches ELA!”


10. Congrats to Jackie from Canada — She’s Room 213

Try her: Awkward Wording: Help Your Students Write Strong, Clear Sentences

Her tip: “Are you tired of reading awkward and wordy sentences? Use these exercises to help your students write strong, powerful ones instead.”


We hope you’ve found some great resources here (and also here!) to use in the new year. And what a year 2014 has been — we’ve more than doubled our Milestone Achievers as TpT continues to celebrate and support educators and their efforts! Now you can keep in touch via Instagram at @TeachersPayTeachers.