Let’s not understate it, OK? Teachers Pay Teachers is life-changing for both teachers and students. Do all the teachers in your life know about TpT? We think it’s time to make sure they do.

We have big news. Really BIG news. We are incredibly proud, impressed, wowed, and awed to announce:

Deanna Jump’s 2 Million Dollar Milestone

Deanna Jump: Teachers Pay Teachers
Deanna Jump

1. Deanna Jump

Our longtime top seller continues to soar. Just think of how many teachers and how many students are benefiting from her smart, fun resources!

Try her:

Her tip: “If someone had told me two years ago that this was going to happen to me I would have told them they were slap crazy! I feel so honored that so many teachers are using my resources in their classrooms across the world.

To say that TpT has been a blessing would be a huge understatement. I am so thankful for the impact that TpT has had on my family and for providing me with the financial stability to also help others. But it isn’t just about the financial success. I have made some wonderful, lifelong friends thanks to TpT!”

“If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.” ― Will Rogers

Join us in cheering all of our milestone achievers. Amazing accomplishments all around. Teachers have the power!

TpT’s $75,000 Milestone Achievers

Sasha Hallagan: Teachers Pay Teachers
Sasha Hallagan

2.  Sasha Hallagan from Illinois

Try her: Ultimate Guide Reading Resource for Special Education

Her tip: “Teaching reading for children with special needs or autism can be a daunting task. This product helps get teachers organized by structuring planning and instruction!”


Miss DeCarbo: Autumn Light
Miss DeCarbo

3.  Christina DeCarbo from Ohio is Miss DeCarbo

Try her: Sight Word Fluency Passages for Reading Intervention: BUNDLE PACK!

Her tip: “This bundle pack includes over 125 of my best selling sight word fluency passages for reading intervention. The interactive passages are perfect for RTI and small group instruction and target the Dolch and Fry sight words.”


247 Teacher: Teachers Pay Teachers
247 Teacher

4.  247 Teacher is from Florida

Try this husband and wife team’s: November Close Reading Passages w/ Common Core Aligned Text Dependent Questions

Their tip: “Celebrate November with 20 themed passages. Use for Close Reading, Homework, Morning Work, or send home as a Thanksgiving Break packet. Each passage comes with three pages of Common Core State Standards aligned questions and two graphic organizers for textual evidence and questioning technique practice. A full answer key and CCSS alignment information are also included. Designed for the 2nd-3rd grade classroom but can be utilized in any grade.”


TpT’s $20,000 Milestone Achievers

Speechy Musings: Teachers Pay Teachers
Shannon Lisowe

5.  Shannon Lisowe from Virginia is Speechy Musings

Try her: Common Core Reference Binder for SLPs

Her tip: “I’ve received a lot of feedback from not only Speech Language Pathologist, but also from Reading Specialists and ELA teachers that this resource was very useful in unraveling the Common Core with assessments, I Can posters, and tons, tons more!”


The Teacher Studio: Teachers Pay Teachers
The Teacher Studio

6.  The Teacher Studio from Wisconsin

Try her: Using Exit and Entrance Slips to Guide Instruction BUNDLE

Her tip: “I am truly passionate about learning as much as I can about each of my students and doing everything in my power to help meet their learning needs — whether they need extra help or extra challenges! This ‘double resource’ contains everything you need to begin taking quick ‘snapshots’ of student learning in any subject — complete with examples of how to use them. Formative classroom assessment is such a critical way for us to begin to meet student needs, and this resource can get you started!”


Shelly Sitz: Teachers Pay Teachers
Shelly Sitz

7.  California is home to Shelly Sitz

Try her: Daily Practice for Second Grade (November)

Her tip: “My 2nd grade Daily Practice offer a spiral review of the Common Core Standards for ELA and Math.”


Second Grade Smartypants: Teachers Pay Teachers
Second Grade Smartypants

8.  Second Grade Smarty Pants Calls Kansas Home

Try this duo’s: Common Core Second Grade Language Arts and Math Homework – 1st Quarter

Their tip: “This is a great packet to use as either homework or morning work! All you need to do is print, send it home, and grade it when it comes back using the provided key. We also provide a page that shows the Common Core alignment for each day. This is a great and easy way to review the Common Core Standards and give parents a peek into what you are working on!”


tchrBrowne: Teachers Pay Teachers

9.  Terri Browne is tchrBrowne from British Columbia

Try her: Place Value Task Cards: 32 Cards with Reward Bookmarks

Her tip: “I love this product because not only is it current to their pop culture interests, it also allows students to get up and move around the classroom when they are doing Math. I print the cards and scatter them around the classroom so students go on a gallery walk to complete them. When they are finished I give them a reward bookmark that is included.”


PamlaJJ's Learning Library: Teachers Pay Teachers
PamlaJJ’s Learning Library

10.  PamlaJJ’s Learning Library Is From Colorado

Try this: K – 2 Word Recognition Games

Their tip: “I taught for over 20 years. Learning is always easier and retained longer when it’s presented in a fun way. The rules and format for these games can be learned in a guided reading group. Once students are familiar with them, the games can be played independently at a center. I offer a variety of other games that introduce and/or reinforce phonics skills such as my Short Vowel Card and Board Games. I encourage primary reading teachers to have a look at them.”


Kali Delamagente the Tech Teacher: Teachers Pay Teachers
Kali Delamagente the Tech Teacher

11.  California Is Home to Kali Delamagente the Tech Teacher

Try her: K-8 Keyboard Curriculum (in 45 minutes a week)

Her tip: “Share the load — every time students sit down at a computer, they should use good habits. Get all teachers to reinforce that, whether students are in the classroom, library, study hall, or home.”


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