Earlier this summer, a dozen-plus awesome Louisiana educators and bloggers gathered together for a truly exciting event: The 1st Annual Louisiana Teacher-Blogger Meetup, organized by TpT Teacher-Author Jasmine McClain (with lots of great help from others!). It was on this magical afternoon that tips were shared, friendships were forged, and plans were made to keep collaborating! Here’s a spotlight on each of these fabulous attendees, including their biggest takeaways from the meetup and a link to their blogs. And if you want to see each of their blog posts about the day, you can start here with Jasmine’s blog post (head to the bottom of her post).

They Came, They Collaborated, They Connected

Jasmine McClainMy biggest takeaway from our meetup was understanding the impact that is created through our collaboration,'” explains Jasmine McClain. “We came up with so many ideas for things we can do together to further our blogs, TpT stores, and teaching as a whole.” Check out her blog!

Pride and PrimaryPride and Primary says, “My biggest takeaway was the importance of support from fellow teachers. I’ve formed great friendships through blogging and TpT, and I strongly believe these bonds have made me a better teacher. It’s amazing how meeting up with people who feel as strongly as you about what you do gives you the confidence and strength to continue to bring it to the next level. Our mini meetup did just that.” Here’s her blog!

Motivation in the Middle Motivation in the Middle says, “Meeting colleagues that are close by, and having a network of support was the most incredible and wonderful thing I took from the meetup. It was phenomenal to develop a support system and meet everyone face to face!” Take a look at her blog!

Nita Marie's Classroom Creations “What a day!” exclaims Nita Marie’s Classroom Creations. “We united several Louisiana TpT Sellers that were strangers; we left as new friends. We listened, discussed, shared, and brainstormed. Such a phenomenal experience; everyone needs to have TpT groups in their area! TpT blogging is awesome!” Give her blog a look!

Limars StarsFrom Limars Stars: It was awesome meeting ladies in my own state with blogs and TpT stores! There’s no substitute for being able to call someone or visit her in person to talk about things that you’re passionate about like TpT!” See her blog right here!

Mia McDaniel Mia McDaniel says, “I took away new friendships that will carry on. It was such a treat to hang out with bloggers I follow on social media. I’ve met TpTers and bloggers from all over the country, but now I have a hometown tribe!” Give her blog a look!

Mixed-Up Files “The generosity of experienced bloggers who shared tips and collaboration opportunities amazes me,” says Mixed-Up Files. “They epitomize the spirit of TpT, where a whole bunch of teachers love to offer their ideas and experience to help out our fellow teachers.” Check out her blog!

The Crescent City Classroom “The meetup was amazing!” exclaims The Crescent City Classroom. “One of the most impactful things I learned was to focus on making resources for my students and my classroom. Resources created with intentionality and purpose are key in producing successful resources and something Buyers want to purchase!” Give her blog a read!

Alyssa Winter “I was so excited to meet other teacher-bloggers from Louisiana,” says Alyssa Winter. “It’s always refreshing to connect with teachers who are passionate about what they do and enjoy sharing that passion with other educators. I especially loved the time we spent discussing with people in our grade level band. It gave me some new ideas to take back to the classroom this year!” Check out her blog!

The Kennedy Korral From The Kennedy Korral: “Meeting teachers that I’ve followed for years was amazing! These women are gifted teachers, bloggers, and authors. My takeaway was to create bundles. TpT is a wonderful platform for professional and personal growth and a means for connecting with like-minded teachers!” Take a look at her blog!

Third Grade Love I was able to talk to new teacher-bloggers and TpT Sellers about how to get started,” explains Third Grade Love. “Helping them was my favorite part of the day!” See her blog right here!

Lendahand's Printables From Lendahand’s Printables: “Attending the meetup was a blessing because it gave me the opportunity to connect with like-minded teachers who not only love blogging but also creating teacher resources. Being part of a group that shares a common bond makes this experience even more rewarding! Can’t wait until we meet again.” Check out her blog!

And from Morgan:

“I am so excited and thankful that I attended, and I definitely look forward to many more meetups! My biggest takeaway was being able to learn all about the teacher blogging world. I feel very welcomed as a first-year teacher, teacher blogger, and (soon-to-be) TpT Seller.” Take a look at her blog!

And Valerie:

“I don’t have a TpT store (yet!) but attending the Louisiana Teacher-Blogger Meetup gave me the sense of empowerment to become a dot com. From these Teacherpreneurs, I learned invaluable tips about branding, developing materials, and increasing my followers.” Give her blog a read!

Amazing! Inspirational! Exciting! Thanks for giving us a peek into your incredible event, Ladies. Looks like a truly magical day. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing, as teachers and as bloggers.