Wowzers! Can you believe it? The 100th day of school is almost upon us and that means a lot of great things.

It means the kids have settled into a routine and teachers are in a groove. It also means you can have some fun and occasionally break that routine and incorporate new ideas.

So what are some out-of-the-ordinary ways folks utilize the 100th day of school? Take a look — you might find something you’d like to try.

Huzzah for the 100th Day of School

Dynelle Dunn: 100th Day of School
Dynelle Dunn:
First Grade Fun
  • Jenifer Stewart asks her kids to limit their speech to 100 words on the 100th day of school — “Every year, my 4th graders are only allowed to speak 100 words on the 100th day of school. There are a few exceptions, of course. If I call on them to answer a question, it doesn’t count against them. They can speak during lunch, recess, and specials. They can also participate during small groups. My students LOVE being challenged like this. They learn to think about what they say and say it in a more precise way. They keep track of their words on sticky notes on their desks.”
Fluttering Through First Grade: 100th Day of School
Fluttering Through First Grade


  • It’s all fun and games until someone doesn’t recognize the teacher! Dynelle Dunn dressed up as her own grandma last year and fooled the kids — also another teacher, who asked her who she was subbing for. Hysterical! Same thing happened to Tammy of Fluttering Through First Grade! Read her rollicking account in her blog.
  • Leah MG Abatiell asks her kids what they’ll be like when they’re 100 and gets the BEST answers including, “I will have lots of cats and walk with a cane.”
  • Primary “Teach”spiration has a collaborative book where kids can record their thoughts on what it will be like to be 100. “The Kids and parents loved this!” she says.
  • And imagine a world without zeros! There’d be no hundreds to celebrate! Try Beyond the Garden GATE Shari Bithell’s Criminal Zero packet for middle school.

100 Days of Giving Back

Sara J’s class collects and donates items (literally) by the hundreds: “My teaching partner and I created a day of good deeds that we did for a few years. We would have students bring things in so that we collected 100 canned goods, wrote 100 compliments to people, collected & donated 100 quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies, donated 100 items of clothes, donated 100 toys, etc. We would take the items they brought in and sort, count, and graph them so they were doing educational activities — at the end we donated everything to those in need.”

Funky Fresh Firsties also adds in a collection for donation: “The other 1st grade teachers and I are planning on dressing up as old people. We’re going to hit up Goodwill for some FAB outfits! We’re also taking the kiddos pictures and using the Aging Booth app to turn them into 100 year old people! Lastly we are doing a canned food drive as a grade level to try to collect 100 cans for the local food drive.”

Get the Family Involved

Ms. K explains that the 100th day of school falls around the same time as Family Math Night. She and her colleagues have taken this opportunity to incorporate them: “Two years ago we put them together. That way we dress up and have an evening of fun with math games, food, etc. My FAVORITE activity is the scavenger hunt. I hid index cards everywhere. If the equation on the card equaled 100, that kid got a prize.”

100s of Great Resources

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  • These are just a few of the terrific resources available for the 100th day of school. You can find hundreds (no kidding) more on TpT and Pinterest.
  • One additional option: Some folks celebrate the 120th day of school to comply with the CCSS that requires 1st graders to be able to count to 120. Very inventive!

Happy 100th Day of School, Everyone!