Keep little hands and minds active all summer long with these 10 super exciting science resources. Kids will love getting outside and learning about frogs, bubbles, sunshine, and so much more. Science is spectacular!

1. Sea Turtles Life Cycle & More- Complete Nonfiction Resource- Close Reading Unit (grades PreK-2)
“I’ve been having so much fun digging into this unit with my own twins! They’ve loved reading about sea turtles and studying their life cycles. We’re lucky enough to live near beaches that have turtle nests, so those observations have been thrilling! We spent some time measuring the distance that the baby turtles will travel from the nests to get to the ocean, and we’ve been tracking lunar cycles to predict when they might hatch!” – Sunny and Bright in First Grade

2. Color Activity (grades PreK-3)
“Last summer after reading a book about monsters mixing colors, we gathered a few simple ingredients and decided to mix some of our very own colors! To make this even more interactive, have your little ones predict, observe, and record their results in my color mixing journal!” – AisforAdventuresofHomeschool

3. Bees (grades 1-2)
“Summer is a great time to learn about insects! This science and literary packet teaches about the bee anatomy and life cycle as well as lots of other fun and interesting facts. It includes posters, diagrams, puzzles, a map, a word search, graphic organizers, interactive flap books, and printables.” – Marcia Murphy

4. Ice Cream in a Bag – make it without a freezer! (grades 1-3)
“Making ice cream in a bag (no freezer needed) is a really fun summer activity!” – Green Grubs Garden Club

5. Bubbles: Science Fun (grades 1-3)
“This science resource is packed with hands-on activities, vocabulary help, experiments, and so much more. My students absolutely LOVED all the bubble fun!” – Janine Every

6. How to Draw Ocean Animals- Writing Center (grades 1-3)
“This pack is perfect for learning about sea life during the summertime. Each animal comes with a fact page and word bank as well as two versions of the draw-and-write paper.” – Meghan Baudler

7. UV Light Sun Science Experiment {NGSS 1-PS4-2, 4-PS4-2} (grades 1-5)
“This science activity requires just two things: tonic water and the sun! It’s also aligned with 2 NGSS standards. I did this with my 4th graders at the end of the year. They loved it!” – Science for Kids by Sue Cahalane

8. Chromatography Experiment – Separating a Solution FREE (grades 2-4)
“Summer is a great time to do science experiments. Learn how to separate a solution into its individual colors with chromatography. With this free resource, kids will learn the ideal marker to use for perfect red, yellow, and blue separation. I’ve also included a technology component so you can make the memory last forever!” – Brittany Washburn

9. Frog Life Cycle (A Look Back at the Life of a Frog) (grades 2-4)
“I love science activities! I have two boys of my own, and one of our favorite things to do is look for tadpoles in our nearby pond. They love them! Studying the life cycle of a frog can be fascinating! This cute book can be made to show the life cycle of a frog.” – DeWitt’s Learning Lab

10. STEM Engineering Challenge: Bubble Making (grades 2-5)
“Kids are able to explore with bubbles and then design their own bubble wand. It’s great fun and perfect for outside weather!” – Teachers Are Terrific

STEM Engineering Challenge: Bubble Making


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