In a recent Facebook post, we asked you what resource you’re absolutely loving right now. So many of you passionately shared what’s working for you in your classroom with hopes it would help others, too. We gathered some of those recommendations and are super excited to share them right here on our blog:




1. Year Planner – Back to School – Curriculum Year Pacing Planner by Traci Clausen

“This document completely changed the way I see my year. It’s amazing to be able to see everything all at once and plan everything together! Thought about it before; never had the guts to try and make it. Thank you for this document, Traci Clausen!”



2. Classroom Economy, Banking, Check Writing & MORE! by Mrs Renz Class

“Running a classroom economy is the backbone of my 4th grade classroom. I can’t teach without this program!”



3. Classroom Jobs, Classroom Money, and Reward Coupons by Peppy Zesty Teacherista

“Great for those teachers trying to shake up their classroom management! Classroom jobs, money, open/close store sign, AND coupons!”



4. Text Detectives- Find the Text Evidence Through the Year BUNDLE! by LuckeyFrog

“My students love Text Detectives. I’m really happy that it’s leveled. I was moved from 4th to 2nd grade and I can still use them.”



5.  Interactive Notebooks by Lovin Lit

“Erin Cobb’s interactive notebooks are changing the way I teach English! Mind-blowingly fantastic!”



6.  Do Your Personal Best! {Beginning of the Year Activities} by A Year of Many Firsts 

“Do Your Personal Best is a creative and meaningful way for students to understand what making good choices means and what it means to do your personal best. The BEST TpT purchase I have made!”



7. Sub Binder by Teach123-Michelle

“This is wonderful! As a first-year teacher, I’ve had too many unplanned absences that were stressful to get ready for. I’m now ready to take on the rest of the year stress-free, as well as each year going forward.”



8. Phonological Awareness Curriculum: Text Based & Common Core – August Bundle by Hello Two Peas in a Pod

“This is the best resource ever and can be extended in so many ways if desired.”



9. World Traveler Unit by Jessica Rosace 

“Used this for the past two years with my 1st graders! They have so much fun with this unit and really love learning about the different countries!”



10. Interactive Vocabulary Books: Fall Theme by Jenna Rayburn


“With every passing year that I’ve worked in the schools, I’m trying to add more materials that lend themselves to seasonal vocabulary and units. Even though the product is marketed as PreK and early elementary, I’ve also used these books in MH classrooms with middle and high school students who have significant language and cognitive challenges. I like to leave the books in the classroom after I use them with the students so the teacher or aides can repeat the activity for increased practiced at other times throughout the week. The books are super easy and quick to put together also!”