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When I think about #ResourcesThatGive , I also think about #TeachersWhoGive. Just a little less than 3 short years ago, I was a 5th grade teacher, working hard every day in my classroom and doing the best job I could. I never dreamed that within the next 3 years, I would begin a new business, find a way to connect with teachers all over the world, and branch out beyond the four walls of my classroom. There have been many Teacher-Authors who have helped me along my way, giving me encouragement, tips, and advice. Without them, I would have been a little lost on my journey!

I am incredibly thankful to the caring community of Teachers Pay Teachers and to many individual Teacher-Authors who have encouraged and helped me along the way. These #TeachersWhoGive personify what TpT is all about. They understand a teacher’s heart and a teacher’s mind because they, too, are teachers. TpT is not a huge, uncaring corporation focused solely on profit. It is an incredible community of helpful people whose mission is to empower teachers and make a difference in classrooms all over the world. I love TpT!

Recently, I reached 5,000 followers on TpT. This milestone means so very much to me. To think that thousands of educators trust me and feel that my resources have a place in their classroom is mind-boggling. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for every one of these teachers. I look forward to creating even more helpful products that will make teachers’ jobs a little less stressful and students’ learning a little more fun in the future!

To thank the #TeachersWhoGive in my TpT world, I have decided to share 10 #ResourcesThatGive from 10 different TpT Teacher-Authors who have helped or encouraged me in some way. Narrowing my list down to just 10 people was very difficult, but these are the 10 TpT Teacher-Authors who I’d like to thank from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have done it without them!

In no particular order, here are 10 #ResourcesThatGive from 10 #TeachersWhoGive:

Project Based Learning Holiday Cookie ExchangePerforming in Education has an amazing Project Based Learning resource, a Holiday Cookie Exchange Project, that will have your students fully-engaged and excited about learning during the holidays! How does this resource give? Performing in Education says, “Our annual holiday cookie exchange gives me the opportunity to invite families into my classroom for a fun math activity and cookies!”


Year Long Writing Prompts BundleKelly Avery’s Year-Long Writing Prompts Bundle provides fun, high-interest writing prompts for the entire year. Kelly explains, “This writing resource gives teachers the peace of mind of never having to scramble for an engaging writing prompt throughout the entire school year.”

Fluency Strips™ Set 1 - Quick and Easy Practice and AssessmentThe Moffatt Girls offer a simple solution to fluency practice with Fluency Strips. The Moffatt Girls believe that “Fluency Strips gives students genuine opportunities to read simple sentences that build confidence and fluency.”

Christmas Gift for Parents - Family Conversation StartersClutter-Free Classroom has an excellent set of Family Conversation Starters – Holiday Present Idea for Students to Make, which really is a unique, creative gift for students to make and give to their families. Clutter-Free Classroom says, “Parents have told me for years how much they love the fact that this resource encourages real conversations, helps them to feel like they are in touch with their kids’ days, and brings them together as a family. I use it at home too and have to agree!”

Life Skills Character Building PostersTeacher’s Brain’s Life Skills Character Building Posters give students a way to build positive character traits. “These posters are part of our daily morning routine used to foster good character traits, planting seeds that remain with students for a lifetime by providing definitions and examples of the most valued character building vocabulary,” explains the Teacher’s Brain.

Behavior Modification Visual Cue CardsTeach Me T has an ultra-helpful set of Behavior Modification Visual Cue Cards, which “gives teachers the opportunity to provide direction, and/or re-direction, in a manner that allows them and their student(s) to maintain peacefulness, respect, and dignity while providing structure and setting expectations.”

Water Bottle Flipping STEM ActivityLisa Taylor – Teaching the Stars has a Water Bottle Flipping STEM Activity that will have your students flipping for learning! Lisa loves teaching STEM and loves that “this resource gives teachers a fun way to teach data collecting and fractions!”

A CHRISTMAS CAROL LITERATURE GUIDE, READING, WRITING, POP UP FLIP BOOKDanielle Knight’s A Christmas Carol: Reading, Writing, Craft and Pop Up Flip Book is an amazing, interactive flip book resource that gives a “great alternative to the run-of-the-mill reading comprehension novel study guide. This resource provides you with links to the play version, the full text, a free audio book, and a YouTube search link with several video versions.”

To thank the many #TeachersWhoGive, TpT Teacher-Author Shelly Rees is sharing #ResourcesThatGive from 10 great educators. Take a look and get inspired.=

Teach with Tori offers a set of adorable and oh-so-helpful Make-Up Work Folders. Tori says, “These Make-up Work Folders give teachers everything they need to stay organized when a student is absent!”

5th Grade Math Differentiated Skill Sheets {Common Core Aligned}Jennifer Findley’s 5th Grade Math Differentiated Skill Sheets offer some much-needed help to teachers struggling to find the time to provide differentiated practice for students learning at various levels. Jennifer explains, “This resource gives teachers a way to easily differentiate for all learners while giving students the confidence to succeed.”

Christmas Trivia Fun Task Cards FreebieI would also like to provide you with one of my own #ResourcesThatGive! My Christmas Trivia Fun Task Cards are the perfect way to give students a fun break from learning during the holiday season! The set includes 36 task cards filled with Christmas Trivia questions! Best part? It’s FREE!


To thank the many #TeachersWhoGive, TpT Teacher-Author Shelly Rees is sharing #ResourcesThatGive from 10 great educators. Take a look and get inspired.Shelly Rees has over 22 years of experience teaching students in the upper elementary grades. She has a love for learning and believes in providing instruction that is hands-on, fun, and engaging. Shelly is passionate about helping other teachers by creating and providing educational resources that will help reduce their stress-load and deliver great academic results. She and her husband, Aric, reside in rural Pennsylvania, where they have raised their four sons. You can follow her on her Appletastic Learning blog, TpT store, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!