Here are the Teachers Pay Teachers best sellers by grade for the 4th week of July. Find someone new to follow. And you can see the total top 100 here.

Best Sellers by Grade

Grades PreK-2

Deanna Jump: Teachers Pay Teachers
Deanna Jump
  1. Deanna Jump
  2. Reagan Tunstall
  3. Deedee Wills
  4. Second Story Window
  5. A Modern Teacher

Grades 3-5

Clutter-Free Classroom: Teachers Pay Teachers
Clutter-Free Classroom
  1. Clutter-Free Classroom
  2. Nicole Shelby
  3. Miss Nannini
  4. Ashleigh
  5. Jennifer Findley

Middle School

Runde's Room: Teachers Pay Teachers
Runde’s Room
  1. Runde’s Room
  2. Lovin Lit
  3. Sasha Hallagan
  4. Lindsay Perro
  5. 4mulaFun

High School

Tracee Orman: Teachers Pay Teachers
Tracee Orman
  1. Tracee Orman
  2. Mrs. S.
  3. Presto Plans
  4. All Things Algebra
  5. The SuperHERO Teacher