It’s been a fantastic February, folks! We’re celebrating 21 milestones this week — bringing our total for the month to a remarkable 54 milestones achievers. We’re excited to introduce 11 impressive Teacher-Authors featuring products ranging from upper-elementary to 12th grade — you’ll find a bounty of creative math resources, along with science, history, and foreign language fun. Then, be sure to head over to Part 2 for fantastic PreK and elementary resources. Congratulations milestone achievers!

11 Fantastic February Milestone Achievers

1. Amazing in Massachusetts – it’s Joshua of World Language Classroom

Try his25 Warm-Up and Starter Activities for Foreign Language Class

His tip: “Class starters (Warm-Ups, Do-Nows, Quick Questions) are a great way to set the tone for the class and immediately move toward the day’s objective.”


2. A warm welcome to Teaching With Heart in Texas

Try herULTIMATE Measurement Conversion Scoot Activities/Task Card Bundle

Her tip: “Do your kids need to move? Are they tired of doing the same thing every day? These six sets of Measurement Conversion Scoot Activities will really help your students who need to move around. Students will convert units of measurement in the U.S. customary system and the metric system (for example, from cups to pints, feet to inches, pounds to ounces, milliliters to liters or grams to kilograms, millimeters to centimeters, meters to kilometers, etc.). This is great for practice, review, or even assessment. Directions to play Scoot, student recording sheets, 30 cards in each of the six sets, and answer sheets are all included.”


3. Just grand, Jessica Scott from North Carolina

Try herFossils Interactive Notebook {Task Cards, Reading Passage, & Quiz Included}

Her tip: “Interactive Science Notebooks are a fun, engaging, and hands-on tool to use for any science topic. So that I’m prepared for my entire science unit, I create my lesson plan, interactive notebook foldables, experiments, resources (task cards, reading passages, etc.), and quiz all in one product. Having the entire unit helps me plan my instruction and plan for my students’ needs.”


4. Kudos to Krystal Mills from Prince Edward Island

Try herTranslation, Reflection and Rotation Math Stations

Her tip: “These transformation stations give students a chance to transfer their knowledge of translations, reflections, and rotations in an artistic and engaging way by creating cool designs! I’ve included tracking sheets, station sheets, and student samples to help make the lessons run smoothly and save you prep time.”


5. Dynamite job, Dawn from Arizona — she’s Love Learn Teach

Try herA Full Year of 4th Grade Daily Math Spiral Review * Common Core Aligned

Her tip: “A Full Year of Daily Math Review for 4th Grade is designed to give students practice with all Common Core Standards throughout the school year. The level of difficulty increases throughout the year. Save time by purchasing this bundle — simply buy, download, and print. It’s that easy — and it’s terrific daily practice for your students! Copy pages front-to-back, and you have practice for an entire week on one sheet of paper per student.”


6. Say hello to High Altitude History

Try theirMiddle Ages *Unit Bundle* (World History) Early Middle Ages to High Middle Ages

Their tip: “Use our Cornell Notes and PowerPoints for Quick Lectures (20 minutes max). Distribute blank graphic organizers and challenge students to fill out the charts by organizing important facts. Model our graphic organizers/charts using our neatly typed keys on your projector or iPad, and more!”


7. Truly amazing, Teacher Twins

Try theirExpressions and Equations Unit Common Core 7 EE

Their tip: “Are you in need of middle school resources to help you teach the Common Core Math Standards? This is a 12-day unit on expressions and equations. This unit covers all of Common Core 7 EE, except for inequalities. Each day has a PowerPoint that includes a warm-up with answers, notes, and a closure of the lesson. Guided notes or flippables are provided for each lesson, as well as an activity and a practice or homework worksheet.”


8. Meet Kelly Malloy from Fernley, NV

Try herMath Facts – Multiplication Fact Fluency Program – Kicking It Math

Her tip: “I’ve been using this program with my students and have found it to be a very successful and motivating way for my students to learn/memorize their math facts. As students pass levels, they earn new colored ‘belts’ on their way towards earning a black belt.”


9. Tip your hats to Teach With Fergy

Try hisHuman Impact on Ecosystems Inquiry Lab Experiment: Ecobottles Lab

His tip: “Application through engagement. Spark your student’s interest in science and math. If you engage them, they will learn.”


10. It’s Erica Hennigh from Amarillo, Texas — Top of Texas Teacher

Try her3rd Grade NEW TEKS Texas Tornado Spiral Review Pt 4 (Sets 19-24) Be STAAR Ready

Her tip: “I’ve found that daily spiral review in your classroom is one of the most important components to a successful classroom in both math and reading. My TEKS Texas Tornado Spiral Review for math makes implementing daily review easy and fun for students.”


11. Magnificent job, Math Central from New York

Try herCoordinate Plane (4 Quad): Mathematical Tasks Graphing on the Coordinate Plane

Her tip: “One of my favorite activities to use in my class are Mathematical Tasks. I use them for partnering activities, group work, relays, independent practice, assessment prep, or in my centers. My students enjoy the colorful task cards and love working with their classmates.”


Well done! To enjoy more of this week’s milestone merriment, take a look at February’s Remarkable Milestones: Part 2 where you’ll learn all about 10 more admirable Teacher-Authors.