Listen. My socks are knocked clear across the room right now, that’s from the impact of these Common Core eBooks. They are that phenomenal.

If you have ever associated the Common Core Standards with words and phrases like “daunting,” “hard to find the right resources,” “overwhelming,” or “I think I might pull my hair out right now,” TpT Teacher-Authors have THE perfect solution for you.

Let’s replace that list with:

  • Actionable, easy-to-implement tips
  • Superb Common Core resources (both free and paid) for your subject and grade level
  • Professional Teacher-Authors who live the standards
  • Christmas in July

Please note that these are entirely seller-inspired and seller-created. Sellers volunteered to participate, no fee was charged. TpT is sharing these gems because they’re excellent, valuable resources.

OK, enough talk: Go get these right now! Do not pass Go!

Free Common Core eBooks for Grades K-2

These are compiled by TpT Teacher-Authors Deanna Jump and Rachelle Smith.

Free Common Core eBooks for Grades 3-5

These are compiled by TpT Teacher-Authors Margaret Whisnant and Wise Guys.

Free Common Core eBooks for Grades 6-12

These are compiled by TpT Teacher-Authors Tracee Orman, Scipi, Michele Luck’s Social Studies, and Science Stuff by Amy

This set of resources is the brain-child of Tracee Orman, who quite frankly is a teaching force of nature. Thanks to the hard work and collaboration of many, many TpT Teacher-Authors (including lots of talented clip art creators), these eBooks are sure to offer something to the Common Core newbie and expert alike.

Get tips including:

“When I set up my grade book, I create a page for each standard. This makes it easier to make sure that all standards have been covered.” –Faith Wheeler from the Common Core English Language Arts FREE Back-to-School eBook: Grades K-2.

“Always check the grade below and the grade above your grade level so that you can master differentiation before you start teaching that standard.” –Jessica Tobin from the Common Core English Language Arts FREE Back-to-School eBook: Grades 3-5

“Do your students understand graphing linear equations on a coordinate plane? Do they understand the real world applications? Invite a machinist or an engineer to your class as a guest speaker. A machinist can show students how math is important to program a computer to make parts for many things, including their cell phones! Modern machinists have to program five axis machines to cut intricate parts, from artificial knees to airplane engine parts. Make math real!” –Happyedugator from the Common Core Math: FREE Back-to-School eBook for Grades 6-12

And my tip? These beautiful ebooks are meant for online reading. You may want to take notes as you go through them, but they are gorgeously designed and packed with links, and are not meant to be printed out.

Happy Common Core, everyone!


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